All Media Services

Your Point of View

All Media Services

Your Point of View

All Media Services

Your Point of View

We provide a wide range of services, from brainstorming to distribution, live events, tv programs, corporate branding, photography, graphic design, sound/music production, EPKs...

Have a production abroad? No problem, we are able to operate all over the world and having our headquarters in Los Angeles, California (the capital of the entertainment) we also have an office in Spain, a historically relevant location for international film production. Now, you chose!

We provide cost-effective productions. Tell us about your needs and we'll make you a custom bundle with available services, getting you a discount on the final invoice.

Services Provided

Check out a few of the many jobs we are able to carry out

TV programs, Documentaries, News...

Productions specifically focused on TV: Multi or mono camera, Outside or Inside studio, broadcast-ready for national and international channels, edited or original footage.

Film and Fiction

Productions that must meet with regulation, high accuracy configuration and VFX according to the needs of final exhibitors like commercial theaters, TV Series broadcasters, music videos industry, and final user packing (DCP, BluRay, DVD...)

Music Videos, Audio Production and Sound Editing

Are you an up-and-coming new talent? Let us produce your next music video and make it a breakthrough. We can either bring your ideas to life or make it from scratch. Music creation and mixing for demo or final use on CDs or internet, soundtrack to film adaptation, dubbing from silence or a different language, and special effects.

Corporate Branding

If you are about to launch a new business or trademark, you'll need to translate your idea into a stunning logo, set up images correctly on your website, and create a demo or commercial video in order to attract customers.

News Coverage

If you need footage or live feed from of any event for your channel or news provider, tell us and we´ll check availability.

Support Services for Youtubers

We can help you execute ideas that you have for your channel, either with material, skilled labor or both.